About Us

Skutustadir Farm HouseIn the year 1988 we added the second floor to our house and the next year we joined the Icelandic farm holidays association and started the guesthouse business. In the year 2004 and 2005 we added five new rooms with private bathrooms which are in the building behind the main building. In the summer of 2010 we build the sommerhouse which is on the field behind the main building.

Members of the family have always taken care of all the jobs in the guesthouse: booking, reception, cleaning, washing and preparing the breakfast.

Smoking is not allowed inside and all our rooms are non-smoking.

The guesthouse is open all year round, except from the 23.december to 6.january and we also close during easter. The rooms with private bathroom are only available from may to oktober.

Today we have 20 milking cows and around 30 calves in all sizes. We milk the cows twice a day, at 7 in the morning and at 6 in the evening. The cows are inside during the winter time but during the summer time we try to keep them outside as often as we can. It can be difficult because of the flies. In our farm we have 250 sheep. They are inside during the winter time but after they have given birth to their lambs we take them to the mountains and we don‘t get them back until the end of august. We have six horses that are mostly used for fun but we also use them when we round up our sheep in the fall. We also have 25 chciken that walk around free, but stay inside most of the winter. We have two dogs, their names are Snati and Spori and they are very friendly.